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You are now experiencing a brand new interface of 'The Archaeological Settlements of Turkey Project' Inventory: TAY Geographic Information System, or in short, TAYGIS.

GIS is a new technological system based on the digital analysis of spatial data, mapping, storing and displaying any geographical information. Its' application has allowed a new approach of research for archaeological information and the researchers relation to their geographical surroundings. It is an information base in which the user can establish interactive queries and yield data regarding locations, specifications, chronologies, and protection/destruction levels. It is capable of creating, editing, analysing, managing, displaying and sharing all geographical references.

Before you start, there are three important utility factors to address:

1. First of all, whatever operating system you are using, make sure to use Java applications based on Sun® Microsystems technology (not only it is a useful application but it is also free of charge). In order to avoid the issue of Turkish character-symbols on the Windows® operating systems, install the Java software provided through the former link. Other operating systems should also download and install relevant Java software by following the link. It should take no more than 10 minutes.

2. Almost all GIS applications running on the net require patience due to speed and technology limitations. One of TAY's mottos is: “It is the patient ones that will make it to the TAYGIS!”

3. Then, please do read the help file by clicking the button appearing at the upper right side of the page once the loading begins.

Lastly, we feel obliged to stress that: It is an honour for TAY Project to publish the archaeological resources and caves of a country on the net by using GIS technologies for the first time in the world!

Just wanted to emphasise where you are!

May all your endeavours become simple…

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