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The first archaeological site inventory on the net

TAY Project has been online in both Turkish and English since 1998. The project is as yet a unique online cultural/settlement inventory of an entire nation. One of the major objectives of the project has been to make the cultural heritage of Turkey (both the Anatolian peninsula and eastern Thrace), easily accessible to the whole world. The description and objectives of the project, updated news about ongoing research, and the corpus of our databases in both English and Turkish are all on the located on the website. The database, which is presented as separate cultural periods, is designed in such a way to allow queries and searches in various angles.

Information concerning all published sites dating back to the Palaeolithic/Epipalaeolithic through to the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Early Bronze Age, as well as site images photographed during TAY Expedition, can be accessed in the database. The Middle and Late Bronze Age as well as subsequent periods are in progress and will soon be available.
Photo: The staff of UC epigraphic survey (Egypt, 1905-1906) - Sifting the Sands of Time (Pomegranate Artbooks)

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